Pedestal Guards, Top Plates and Stanchion Kits

Pedestal Guards, Top Plates and Stanchion Kits

StraightGuards (no bend) and AngleGuards (single or double bend) are used to mount one or more NavPods at the helm. These pedestal guard products are available in both 9.5" and 12" widths (measured from the center of one tube to the center of the other tube).

Top Plates are installed at the pedestal beneath the compass, and provide midpoint support for the pedestal guard tubing. These products can be used to convert an existing pedestal to 9.5" or 12" width, and/or to increase pedestal guard tubing diameter to 1.25" from a smaller size.

Stanchion Kits can be used to mount a SailPod, SystemPod, or InstrumentPod on a flat surface like a dashboard or tabletop.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of mounting a Starlink dish in a StarPod?

StarPod protects Starlink and completely encloses the Starlink antenna in a very sturdy and attractive waterproof housing. Our testing has proven that there is no degradation of signal while inside the thermoformed acrylic-capped ABS housing.

The Starlink Roam dish was originally designed for RVs, not boats. Its waterproof rating of IP54 is a long way from the IP67 rating we are accustomed to in boating from the likes of Garmin, Raymarine and others. Mounting a Starlink dish inside a StarPod provides additional protection from water intrusion, just as all NavPods have done for other Marine Electronics for over 25 years.

How do I mount a Starlink dish inside a StarPod?

The 4-legged “X” base that comes with a Starlink Roam dish is not utilized when mounting inside a StarPod; only the dish and attached mounting pole are used. The center post of the Starlink dish is inserted through the center hole in the bottom of the StarPod, and extends into the chosen mounting pedestal.