Accessories & more

Accessories & more

Introducing a range of accessories and mounts tailored for marine enthusiasts, the "Accessories and More" lineup offers a variety of solutions to enhance boating experiences.

The Tamperproof Wrench Kit provides replacement wrenches when the original wrench for an existing NavPod has been misplaced.

For optimal viewing while fishing, PedestalPod 45° models elevate displays 20" off the deck at a convenient 45° angle near the bow.

MastPods enable the installation of multiple Maxi size displays on the mast, facilitating clear viewing of sailing instruments from any point in the cockpit.

The PedestalMount is designed to combine with the stock trunnion bracket for most 10-16" chartplotters, MFDs and fishfinders to raise the display off the deck and provide tilt and swivel adjustability for easy operation and viewing, while also allowing the display to be removed when not in use (as opposed to the permanent installation design of NavPod housings).

Renowned for their sturdiness and security, PedestalPods offer an elegant alternative to bracket mounting, safeguarding fishfinders/chartplotters even in the harshest boating conditions.

SpeakerPods provide seamless surface mounting for Bose 151 speakers beneath sternrail seats.