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SystemPod for Power

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SystemPods are designed for mounting multiple pieces of electronics into a single NavPod. A Radar or Chartplotter can easily be mounted along side Autopilot or Instrument displays.


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PowerPods are better than bracket mounting. Sturdy and secure, yet clean and attractive, PowerPods position your fishfinder or chartplotter at a 20-degree viewing angle.

PowerPods provide the clean look of flush mounting with the advantages of a swivel base. PowerPods are now available in two color options. Black carbon and high gloss white. Constructed out of durable ABS like all Gen3 PowerPods, these new black carbon models will also have the same high gloss finish and UV stability. NavPods are made to protect your Marine Electronics from the harshest of wet boating conditions. Your fishfinder or chartplotter is easily flush mounted into the pre-cut front of the NavPod.

All NavPods are manufactured with a double gasket system that provides an excellent watertight seal. PowerPods keep the spray off the electrical connections on the back of your Marine Electronics assuring years of reliability. NavPods come with a security wrench and nickel chrome-plated stainless steel tamperproof screws for protection from theft. There are pre-cut models available for all 7”, 9” and 12” LCD displays from all major marine electronic manufacturers.

PowerPod with RAM Mounts

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PowerPod with RAM Mounts combines the good looks and waterproof protection of a NavPod with the mounting flexibility of RAM Mounts. PowerPods are manufactured with a double gasket system that provides an excellent watertight seal protecting your fishfinder or chartplotter from the harshest of wet boating conditions. Protection assures reliability and longevity of your marine electronics. The proven RAM mounting system that is part of the PowerPod RAM Series uses the large 2.25” rubber “D” size ball, two cable manager base platforms, RAM-D-201U-C arm and the Pin-Lock security knob. The Hi-Torq wrench is also included. RAM Mounts are designed with a patented rubber ball and socket system that allows an almost infinite number of ways to position the angle of your fishfinder or chartplotter for an adjustable and precise position for viewing. NavPods unique stainless steel tamperproof fasteners and the RAM Pin-Lock security system are combined to allow you to leave electronics on board the boat without worry. Mount it on any surface angle and protect your electronics on all sides. The PowerPod RAM Series combines the best attributes of two very popular product lines from two very focused companies providing mounting solutions for your marine electronics.

PowerPanel Stanchion Kit

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A very strong, sturdy Stainless Steel mount for SystemPods on dash or in the overhead.


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SpeakerPods are designed for surface mounting your Bose 151 speakers under sternrail seats.

Wrench Kit

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Tamperproof Wrench Set fits all NavPod generations and includes a set of three wrenches.

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