Stanchion Kit

Stanchion Kits are a very strong, sturdy and secure way to mount electronics on the dash or in the overhead area. All Stanchion Kits include two mirror polished 316 grade stainless steel tubes with 1.25" outer diameter and 0.065" wall thickness. Kits also include stainless steel feet and mounting hardware. The stanchion tubes are pre-drilled for easy installation of a compatible NavPod. Wires can be routed down both tubes and are all concealed for a very clean installation. First, find the right SailPod or SystemPod for your electronics, then choose the corresponding Stanchion Kit. Some Stanchion Kits are designed specifically for dash mounting (SK11, SK135) and some are designed specifically for overhead mounting (SK125, SK129, SK130). Each Stanchion Kit is designed to fit a specific range of NavPod sizes.

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